• Quiet little voices  A solo exhibition by Portsmouth based street/urban artist My Dog Sighs.   With an opening on Friday 13th in a gallery called @playdeadstudio and  opposite a graveyard, it seemed obvious for My Dog Sighs to explore a slightly darker si
  • I'm not sure who took this picture of me working on my wall for Upfest this year but I do love it.
  • Repost of an awesome shot by @chippercentral.
  • I've been inundated with photos of people lining up the piece but this has been the best lined up one so far. Photo by dice67
  • And I will be silently standing by.
    Just finished the @upfest eyes in #Hotwells #bristol for #upfest2015   #mydogsighs #mydogseyes You might be able to spot Clifton suspension bridge in the reflection! #ilovemyjob
    Detail of yesterday's van at #paintandbeer. Massive props to @snikarts and the villa friekens crew for making us very welcome.
    Happy Friday
  • Detail of today's wall in @brockleystreetartfestival with thanks to @globalstreetart. It can be found on the shutters of @brockleys_rock (thanks for keeping me topped up with tea!)
  • Had an absolute blast yesterday painting with the legend @thetoasters in Bethnal green. London. Shouts to @londongraffiti for hooking us up with a mighty wall, @monoprixx for being awesome in every way and all those who swang by to say hello. Shout outs t
  • Photo stolen from @re_del_pop_corn