• Another great shot from @aruallan follow the link on her profile for more of the Art street and stories project.
  • Last year I was splashing some paint on a wall I. London with Los dave when a lady walked up to me and said she'd travelled all the way from Paris to say hi. After scribbling on her note book she told me of a project she was working on where she wanted to
  • I'll be releasing an edition of 20 hand painted Everyman jigsaws tomorrow at 9am bst via my website (see my profile for link). Each one professionally framed and delivered in time for valentines day. #valentine #valentinegift #everyman #mydogsighs
  • This piece will be showing at the illustrated menagerie exhibition at Eldon Building Portsmouth University from Friday. Preview 4-7pm. I'll be there scoffing the free booze. I'll also be giving a public lecture alongside artist @losdave on Wednesday 11th
  • There's a fighting chance.
    Progress shot. #peacehelmetproject #peacehelmet #smileplease
    Teaser pic of the first can of 2015. This one is for the #menagerie exhibition at Portsmouth university in early February where I will be giving a public lecture alongside my compadre @losdave
    #canman #heinz
  • My part in a colab wall organised by @registered_artist with @wyn317 and featuring #denial @thelie_chicago and a bunch of other people. Painted completely in the dark with occasional help from car headlamps.
  • Posters to promote #togetherinsolitude are ready to be distributed.
  • Looking forward to getting the scaffolding down and seeing what it actually looks like finished. #portsmouthhug #somerstowncentral #fb #fingerpaint #everyman
  • Ok. The skate decks will be released at 9am bst this coming Monday (29th sept) via my website www.mydogsighs.co.uk
    After testing the water with a campaign of street art collaborations @mydogsighs and @thisismidge have decided to join forces in their home town of Portsmouth for  a collaborative solo exhibition.   Midge's quiet and emotive characters blended with the me
    So the first rule of #freeartfriday is that it doesn't have to be on a Friday. This one isn't a clone but a hand painted original crushed spray can. And it's out there. All alone. Looking for someone to love. #canman #chicagocan #chicagostreetart #streeta
    Fighting with a wheatepaste. I'm claiming the first person to use gold leaf on street paste ups. Anyone want to blow me out and prove other wise are welcome. #chicagostreetart #wheatepaste #goldleaf #streetart #streetartchicago #artistinaction #streetarti
  • Create your own canman clones with these stickers created to fit exactly on the end of a 400g food can. Available now on www.mydogsighs.com   Pack contains four, newly designed, canman stickers (old baked bean tins not included)  Use in conjunction with I
  • Last wall of the day. Photo cropped and stolen from  Danny Cantu.
  • Finished Logan square colab piece by @jcrivera @sentrock and myself. Photo taken by @toritorsion
  • Great shot of yesterday's painting taken by @toritorsion Tori Howard. Cheers tori.
  • New edition of slate decks ready for release at my lost and found exhibition at vertical gallery Chicago opening 6th sept.
  • Morning paint with @farkfk @lexart @mimicdesign @luke_dharma77 and @clarkenova
    Today's #glastonbury #freeartfriday is out
    Wet paint. #shoreditch #streetart #mydogsighs #drip #pasteup
    Had to rush to finish this one after a slight 'dispute' with the landlord/tenant but I'm fairly pleased considering the circumstances. Photo by @monoprixx #streetart #camden #eyes #mydogsighs
  • I painted @Ian Parmiter van a while back. It's a two part painting. When the tail lift is up the Everyman is a man but when it comes down, he becomes a she. It's rare to see her  completely. This shot was taken by street art hunter @mark-hat
  • Repost from @rustbucketworkshop
  • Big bus. Small brush. Painting the Rusty Alexander travelling gallery.